The History of our Roots

Douro is a Portuguese wine region centered on the Douro River in the Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro region; it is sometimes referred to as the Alto Douro (Upper Douro).
The region has Portugal’s highest wine classification as a Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC).

The Vineyards

Deep knowledge of the Upper Douro (Douro Superior) region are the differentiating elements of Dina Aguiar wines.
The upper range wines that we produce in Douro Region has some of the richest Old World heritage among winegrowing countries.

It is a a family business and millenarian tradition…

The passion

Dina Aguiar, created a wine collection with her own name.
Her wines are produced from typical grape varieties of the Upper Douro region, such as Touriga, in São João da Pesqueira.
She joins tradition and technology, using the best winemakers, guaranteeing the rest and maturation of its wines in oak barrels.

A dream come true, with a final product of the highest quality.

Our Wines
the taste
the soul.

Our Timeline


Started Up The Vineyard

The family of Dina Aguiar began her wines with typical grape varieties from the Douro Region.



Decided To Produce Wines

Dina Aguiar made the decision to launch a new brand that reflects the family tradition.



First Enology Tests

Dina Aguiar in collaboration with her winemaker José Pinheiro, began a long research work among castes produced and aged in French oak barrels, in order to find the best combination to offer to the market wines of excellence.



Awards Won

The DA wines through another denomination receive the first awards and official recognitions, the result of an arduous work.



First Wines Produced!

With the DA brand, the Reserva 2011 and the Grande Reserva 2011 were finally presented, which obtained immediate acceptance from the public and professionals in the sector, with extremely positive reviews in journals and other media.



Introducing Grande Reserva 2012

Presentation of the Grande Reserva 2012 with appreciation by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.



April 2018 - Presentation new website

With a new website we want to inaugurate a new stage of our history, combining tradition and technology.



DA Reserva 2013 Launched

In May 2018 the Reserva 2013 is presented, a complex and at the same time subtle wine, whose history is enriched by the experience acquired, as always in the respect of the best tradition.



DA Grande Reserva 2012 Bronze Medal

May 2018 - the Da Grande Reserva 2012 receives the Bronze Medal Decanter 2018


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